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April 12, 2022

I managed to complete and place second in a multi-round voice competition, hosted by Brendan Hunter and his TAs! Here are the submissions from each round:


Round 2 (LOVE):

Round 3 (MADNESS):

Final round (LUCKY):

Past Projects

No Place Green Enought Podcast - Episode 2: Finny Business
Last fall, I auditioned for a small background role in a new environment-focused podcast called No Place Green Enough. Unexpectedly, I was offered the co-lead role of Ekko (the dolphin) for the same episode! I happily accepted! The episode is about overfishing, and takes place in the Bay of Biscay. You can catch the show here, along with the other episodes in this series:

Out of Place Podcast - VO Nonsense Skit: OKURIMONO
In August, I got to be a secret agent by the name of Rin Songen, in Stephen Daniel's Out of Place podcast :) I really enjoyed the character and wish I got to be a badass more often... You can catch it on your podcast service of choice ( or on YT (starts at 52:06).

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure to work with dirchansky on her game on I play a small magical entity name Ferzo. They're an easter egg, so if you'll have to choose the right path to unlock them in the game :) And yes, this is the same Ferzo as the one who raps. You can play it here: Come for a drink

The first time I've written a song, lyrics AND melody. It was really fun to record the different layers.

A simple melody written by dirchansky. I harmonized :)

Voice Training

  • Voice Acting 201 with Brendan Hunter at Closing Credits
  • Voice Acting 101 with Deb Munro at Closing Credits
  • Private and part time classes with Lindsey Gardner and Krystal Meadows at Kim Hurdon Casting
  • Private voice coaching with Alida at Alida Vocal Studio
  • Voice over fundamentals with Jason Simpson at On the Mic

Acting Training

  • Meisner Technique & Stanislavski System with Michelle Meyrink at Actorium (since 2017)


  • MXL 990 XLR microphone
  • Audient iD4 audio interface
  • all in a 5x5' sound-treated closet