An Odd Beginning

An Odd Beginning

I've lived in the Toronto area for the bulk of my life, and uprooting to across the country in BC made me realize how great I had it in terms of a creative community in the design and visual arts field. I quickly came to miss the spontaneous exchange of silly doodles, bubble tea chats, and deep talks while beached on the bean bags at 1-hour Cafe.

At the start of this COVID-19 self-isolation situation, I found myself reconnecting with a lot of people who I hadn't talked to in a long time. It lifted my spirits a lot. Most of these reconnections were via IM or video chat, and while nice, it's was missing the collaborative element. Funnily enough, I said in one of my long-time group chats, "I wish we could just doodle together." That's when my resourceful friend, @dirchansky, suggested we try out So, together with @PowersWithin, and @OresamaKage, shenanigans ensued and we started to yes-and each others' imaginations. The images in the post are the first of a series of wacky-doodle nights we've been trying to keep alive every week or so. I've found it lifts people's spirits to see something so out of the ordinary, fun, and imperfect, and it's totally in line with my personal journey to overcoming perfectionism.

An electrifying underwater scene: @ittybeatty, @dirchansky, @PowersWithin

Ducks vs. Cats – it escalated quickly: @ittybeatty, @dirchansky, @PowersWithin, @OresamaKAGE