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In like with a CAT

In like with a CAT

Over the past few months, I have been chatting with, and gotten to know some new friends. Each week, our conversations span a plethora of topics - biology, politics, animal dung, food, health - the list goes on. But every week, we also have special guest appearances... or spotlights... of our respective animal housemates. One Scottish Fold in particular has captured our hearts. Henry. The cat that allegedly thinks in the voice of Sean Connery.

There is a stillness to Henry's gaze. But it's not all judgement and contempt. I've only met Henry on video chat, but this little comic is what I would like to think he is thinking about :)

PS. The person in the comic is his human housemate that introduced Henry. Henry's owner is actually yet another human, who has since liked and retweeted this comic <3

A comic about Henry the cat.  © 2022 Bea Armstrong / Ittybeatty. All rights reserved
© 2022 Bea Armstrong / Ittybeatty. All rights reserved

Voice Competition Fun Times

I'm currently in a multi-round voice competition, helmed by Brendan Hunter and his TAs. I mostly joined because I needed some weekly challenges to keep me on my toes, and to stretch those vocal + acting muscles. Also for an excuse to let loose :) I'll be updating this post with submission.

April Update: On the day they announced the winners, I tuned in on discord, fully in my pajamas still with sleep in my eye. I wanted mostly to just convene with and celebrate with the community. Unexpectedly, I placed second! What a shocking but uplifting turn of events :) I have to say that I'm very happy I stuck it through the entire competition despite being tempted to not record when I was having a difficult week. It was also wonderful and inspiring to hear all the other VA's submissions all the different ways their personalities brought the scripts to life. 10 out of 10 would do again.


Round 2 (LOVE):

Round 3 (MADNESS):

Round 4 (LUCKY):

201 Homework Highlights

I've been combing through some homework from my voice acting classes, and some weeks the assignments were just so much fun to get into and I'd sink hours into exploring characters, voices, script breakdowns, and futzing with the recording. Here are some of my favourites:

Something spooky for class 3:

A couple ad scripts from class 5:

Class 9: