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Ferzo the Fiery Pink Panda

A few hours after 'Opposums in a Tree', Dirchansky got greedy and admitted her yearning for a song about Ferzo. Ferzo is an original character from our collaboration many years ago called Red Wagon. He's a tiny pink panda with a huge attitude. Naturally I obliged. 

Ferzo made an appearance in Dirchansky's indie game, Come for a Drink, in which I had the privilege of voicing Ferzo himself. He started off as my first-ever drawing in Adobe Illustrator in 2009, and has evolved into this feisty thing over the years, so it was fitting that he'd also be the first rap I rapped. He will always be Ferzo the First. Ferzo's been a fun character to play with – his plush/felt self is featured in the song art of my first rap ever :) I had a really great time layering all the different voices to this and hope you it gives people something laugh about!

Silly little opposums

I'm very grateful to have friends who are up for creating things just for fun. Not too good for 'dumb' and 'pointless' projects – not to good to experiment with me. Today's little creation was inspired by us playing with, a great tool to explore chord progressions. I for one find it super helpful because I have a hard time producing chords with an instrument, but can recognize and add to a mood... if that makes sense. As an adult, I regret not taking that away from my piano lessons and harmony exams :( Anyway, here's a short soundbite.

Lyrics & melody: @dirchansky
Humming & interjections: meee