Ferzo the Fiery Pink Panda

A few hours after 'Opposums in a Tree', Dirchansky got greedy and admitted her yearning for a song about Ferzo. Ferzo is an original character from our collaboration many years ago called Red Wagon. He's a tiny pink panda with a huge attitude. Naturally I obliged. 

Ferzo made an appearance in Dirchansky's indie game, Come for a Drink, in which I had the privilege of voicing Ferzo himself. He started off as my first-ever drawing in Adobe Illustrator in 2009, and has evolved into this feisty thing over the years, so it was fitting that he'd also be the first rap I rapped. He will always be Ferzo the First. Ferzo's been a fun character to play with – his plush/felt self is featured in the song art of my first rap ever :) I had a really great time layering all the different voices to this and hope you it gives people something laugh about!